MCT Oil Benefits

More Energy

Our MCT’s (Medium chain triglycerides) comes from organic coconut and have been processed to only filter in the Medium chain oils that are rich in chains of carbon molecules. MCT’s provides our bodies the perfect source of energy as well as creating ketones in our bodies.

Ketones offer the body more energy than glucose and tend to speed up metabolism, therefore inducing a state of thermogenic and you body burns more calories at rest. Ketones are the preferred fuel to create ATP more efficiently, therefore adding MCT’s to your diet brings an enhancement in sports and athletic recovery and the suppression of ghrelin “The Hunger Hormone”.


MCTs inhibit the catabolic state of protein breakdown. By adding MCTs to your diet especially on a low glycemic diet, it triggers the body to burn fat as fuel and not muscle. Too often humans are unaware of just how much to eat on a regular basis and subsequently drive the body’s response mechanism to breakdown muscle fibers as fuel because of their low carbohydrate intake which causes ketosis. Studies show by adding MCT’s to the diet and eating proper protein amounts through-out the day the body has the ability to keep muscle fibers in tone. COCO-MULSION offers 2.5 grams of protein in each serving providing you a well-rounded scientific approach to avoid Ketosis.


Another added benefit from MCT oil is; it’s easily digested. It doesn’t have to be digested with bile salts and pancreatic enzymes; it’s simply pulled into the blood steam and brought to the liver. There it breaks down into Ketones and put back into the bloodstream. MCTs need No carnitine to bind to them and transport them to the mitochondria for oxidation. Therefore; no worries that the elderly who normally have lower amounts of carnitine wouldn’t benefit from MCTs as well.
In case studies, feeding MCTs to people has shown the “Sympathetic Activation of Brown Adipose Tissue” was triggered after ingesting MCTs. In fact people without gallbladders and digestive conditions such as leaky gut, Crohns disease or gallbladder issues have easily absorbed and utilized the Medium Chain Oils. Surprisingly, those with digestive problems fare well and often can take more in at first than those who do not suffer from those conditions.


An emulsion is a mixture of two immiscible substances. Our unique emulsification technology improves the absorption rate, digestibility and improves the taste.